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"Hand made in the Upper Peninsula"- "Picky People Pick Porcupine"

A Brief History

Phil Moran
Master Carpenter

467 Drier Road
Wakefield, MI 49968

Phone:   906-224-7961
Cell:        906-364-4826

Phil Moran
Custom Cabinets .. Countertops .. Trim Work .. Windows .. Doors .. Decks ..

Woodworking Done Right for Residential and Commercial Projects!

Phil Moran was destined to become the Master Carpenter he is today. Born and raised the son of a residential carpenter, Phil furthered his knowledge by attending every woodshop and drafting class he could in High School. Following school, he was employed as a draftsman for a local engineering firm for several years. From there, he made his way to Seney Michigan in the Upper Peninsula where he spent 3 years working in his uncle's roof truss business adding to his knowledge of construction. Returning home to the Detroit area, he soon joined his family in building houses where he spent 10 years expanding his knowledge of the construction trades.

It was after years with the family business, that Phil decided he wanted to again expand his abilities and talents.  He went into the craft making business for several years, however, Phil didn't want to limit his knowledge. He spent the next 3 years training under 2 German cabinetmakers where he honed his skills as a Master Carpenter and Craftsman that  prepared him for his next major change in his life - Going into business for himself. Since then Phil has worked full time in the Carpentry and Construction trades with his own business having employed at times  up to 40 others over the years in both Lower Michigan and the Upper Penninsula. Having finally settled in the small City of Wakefield on the Western end of the U.P. Phil now operates a cabinet making and construction firm where he and some talented employees tackle every type of woodworking job from small residential projects to major commercial projects. With over 20 years of experience under his "Tool" belt, Phil is the Craftsman to call for your woodworking projects.

Currently located on the outskirts of Wakefield, Phil operates his own modern workshop where the magic of woodworking craftsmanship is taken from drawing board to creative reality. Since he located in Wakefield, Phil has earned the reputation and respect by his customers as a true Craftsman who gets the job done "on the right side of perfect" the first time. Hence, his talents are always in demand and many of his first time customers soon consider Phil as a friend and become repeat customers.

 Isn't it time that you put Porcupine Cabinets and Construction to work for you.... You will be happy you did.

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